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Read about geeky tech stuff on this blawg o' mine!

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A new blog about stuff that doesn't quite fit on the tech oriented one above. Topics include - but aren't limited to - movies, music and gaming.

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A Swedish blawg about all things Swedish...like schlager and Mat-Tina. My latest addition to the blawgosphere!

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Watch my highly impopular guitar videos and other random stuff on this channel!



Follow my English or Swedish tweets...or don't. Your call.


Occasionally post some random stuff here as well. If you don't want to become my friend you can still follow...you sneaky b*stard!


The place to go if you find Facebook too crowded and/or has too much going on. Here you can call your boss an asshole and still get away with it.


Do you scrobble? Well, I do. Why don't you take a stroll to my Last.fm page and find out what's buzzing in my cans a.t.m! (...Like you'd f***ing care!)


Feel free to add/comment/block me on this old site no one really seems to be using much these days. And while there, why not watch a bunch of videos of mine and read some outdated blawg entries! Fun-fun-fun!


Don't post much of interest here anymore, as I've pretty much moved over to blip.tv. Although I'm sure there are loads of other lame YouTube videos for you to watch on there!